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Eel Tarn in Eskdale

September 10, 2019

For a short walk in to some rugged, quiet, typical Lakeland scenery look no further than Eel Tarn in Eskdale. Start from Boot and climb steadily through the bracken to Eel Tarn, continuing to Stony Tarn if you wish.

The Walk

Eel Tarn in Eskdale is one for artists, people with imagination and those with dreams of better things. I was there on a lovely summer’s evening; the first time I had come across complete silence during that summer of walking. There was no wind, the sun was hazy but the tarn idyllic. It is not necessarily a place for children as there are no pebbly beaches but it is easily accessible and has some wonderful rocky outcrops amongst the bracken making it a perfect place to spend some time.

The route from Boot passes some delightful waterfalls on Whilfan Beck (which is fedĀ from the rarely visited, but much larger, Burnmoor Tarn) before climbing through the bracken for the first view of the tarn. The descent is steeper but offers a beeline to the Woolpack Inn and its excellent beer garden. Here Eskdale can be fully appreciated, the road is not busy with cars and the scenery is fantastic. On one recent visit there were more cyclists than cars which reflects the type of people who discover Eskdale.


For those who want to explore a little further, Stony Tarn is 3/4 a mile to the north east and has a very similar appeal to Eel Tarn. Double the fun.

Navigation Tips at Eel Tarn

Its easy to miss the paths on this walk. This is because the paths are very similar to sheep tracks.

In particular the one between the two tarns but also on the descent from Eel Tarn. Here cross the stile on your right where the path meets a wall.

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