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Farndale and High Blakey Moor

October 22, 2019

There are some fine walks in the North York Moors and the circuit of Farndale and High Blakey Moor is one of the best. This long walk circles the head of the valley however the walking is easy on good tracks.

The Walk

Walking on the exposed moors of North Yorkshire is second only to the limestone scenery of the Dales in terms of pure walking pleasures. I discovered the joys of striding out on excellent paths during long days on the Coast to Coast and Lyke Wake Walk. Here the miles pass with nothing to disturb you except the wide ranging views and the sound of birdsong in the wind (there is always a wind!). Farndale itself makes for an interesting start and finish to the walk, a peaceful valley typical of the area. However it is the high lands I enjoy most in the this part of the North York Moors and for that reason there is no better walk.

Farndale is known as the daffodil dale due its fantastic display during April and May. The best are found between Church Houses and Low Mill, a great time to visit but busy.


For once do NOT avoid the temptation of the Lion Inn. Once you have  completed the walk feel free to visit although there is also a fine pub at Church Houses where the walk ends.

A shorter version of the same walk is here.

Navigation Tips on Blakey Moor

These paths in Farndale and High Blakey Moor are fantastic and easy to follow. However they are long. On these flat tracks you will be walking quicker than normal. If you normally walk two miles an hour in the outdoors you will go at two and a half. Alternatively at two and a half miles and hour pace will increase to three.

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  • Janice Rushforth-Lee says:

    Walked this wonderful area many times and have visited the White Lion on more than one occasion. Have both walked and supported on the Lyke Wake and camped in Rosedale.

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