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Rosedale Explorer walk

December 8, 2019

The Rosedale Explorer walk passes through North Dale and returns via Rosedale. En route are some interesting industrial remains (and railway) and plenty of pretty countryside.

The Walk

Apparently Rosedale has more holiday cottages than farmers these days. However this secretive valley to the east of Blakey Ridge has a sense of peace and tranquility that could have existed when farming really was the dominant lifestyle. As an added attraction some of the route is along the old railway line. The railway was well used between 1857 and 1928 when iron and lead were transported up the valley to the main junction at Bloworth Crossing.

Fortunately the valley is still unspoilt. Rosedale Abbey is still lovely, and there is a delightful walk which explores some of the hidden secrets of Rosedale and its near neighbour North Dale.  The walk passes alongside a small stream, rises in to some dense woodland before emerging on to one of the high moorland roads of the area. The return is through some quiet farmland and mini hamlets, all adding up to a varied and interesting full day walk. And there is the rub, visitors who have enjoyed the valley whilst walking its farming lands are so attracted they bought their own little piece.


If the weather is good, a cup of tea at Dale Head farm is extremely welcome with some great views down the valley.

Navigation Tips on the Rosedale Explorer walk

The walk up North Dale at the start of the walk needs some concentration. In particular look for the path division at 725972 and cross the main river at this point to its west side. Head north west, cross the road and head for the rail line above the scar over Rosedale. The route goes through woods and then drops down to the old track.

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