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Steam train from Pickering

November 1, 2018

This is a one way walk that starts by taking the steam train from Pickering and walking back from Levisham. The walk starts in the moors and returns via the woods and farmland of this attractive area.

The Walk

Any walk that starts with a ride on a steam train has to be recommended. This is undoubtedly the case on the 7 mile return walk from the pretty village of Levisham to Pickering. Much of the walk does pass through some quite dense woodland that lies on the banks of the river but it is very pleasant and varied woodland, unlike Dalby Forest a few miles to the east.  My favourite section of the walk is south of Levisham on the opposite side of a the narrow valley of Rowl Wood. Here the views are excellent, the ruins of the attractive parish church of St Marys are interesting and it is easy to slip in to a bygone age.

If the gate is closed in the woods just south of Farwath for ‘shooting’ follow the path above the woods


For those with the energy extend the trip by getting off at Newtondale Halt and starting the walk via the Hole of Horcum. It is about 3 miles extra picking up the the main walk at Levisham. Refer to the Hole of Horcum walk for the extra three miles.


From Easter to end of October the steam train from Pickering is regular and take 20 minutes to Levisham.

Navigation Tips in Newton Dale

From the map it appears that the path leaves the valley at Farwath. The public right of way does but a multitude of good tracks carry n through the woods. There is no objection to walking along one of these.

If for whatever reason the route is closed off the public footpath continues above the woods after a short steep climb. It drops back down after a mile.

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