Where is this walk?

Head of Farndale walk

September 14, 2017

This is a short walk at the head of Farndale. The walk rises quickly to the ridge where you follow the old railway track around to Bloworth Crossing. It offers a good taster of the scenery in this lovely area.

The Walk

One summer’s evening I was tempted by Bloworth Crossing and the high moors that surround it. I had been at the coast earlier in the day but that was not enough. I therefore headed up to the head of Farndale for a walk of discovery! There was no time to mess around so I headed straight up to the old rail mining track that skirts the northern borders of all these fine dales.

It was a beautiful evening with a low sun already casting long shadows as I headed for the Crossing which marks, to me, the central point of the North York Moors. Bloworth Crossing was once an important railway crossing serving the mines from the valley and transporting them north to the mills of Teesside. From the Crossing I took the marked path past the grouse butts and in to the ever darkening head of the valley. It was an eerie scene which certainly heightened the senses. However it was a pleasure to be there and watch this typical North Yorkshire dale go to sleep.


I strongly recommend the high plateau near Bloworth should be visited at all times of the year. It feels very different on a summer’s evening, a wet and murky day or as a significant stage as part of a long distance walk. I remember it clearly on the Cleveland Way, Coast to Coast and Lyke Wake Walk.

Navigation Tips on the Head of Farndale walk

The path from Bloworth Crossing is difficult to follow. Keep the deep gorge below Middle Head to your east and soon the bridge will be spotted.

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