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Walk at Hutton-le-Hole

October 12, 2018

This walk starts at the popular village of Hutton-le-Hole. There are some great views across the moors before descending to Lastingham. The return is further north past the finely named Fairy Call Beck.

The Walk

Hutton-le-Hole and nearby Lastingham are two exceptionally attractive villages lying to the north of Kirkbymoorside and the foot of the high moors. The best type of walk here links both villages offers as much variety as possible and this achieves both objectives. To the north the moors are peppered with sheep and deeply chiselled rivers. However this walk only sticks to the fringes of the moors and my favourite section of the walk is through the farmland and ridge to the south.

The route from Hutton-le-Hole takes to a the high grassy slopes of Riccal Heads (complete with trig point). Here there are some tremendous views over both villages and on to the vast expanse of open moorland stretching away to the north. On arrival at the small village of Spaunton (less than 100 residents) the walk changes. This is a farming community although further on at Lastingham the influx of tourists is more obvious.

It is a short walk and most should be able to complete it and get to know this part of the North York Moors.


It is possible to extend the walk at Hutton-le-Hole by continuing into the moors and visiting the viewpoint at Spaunton Know. A good track leads directly there from Lastingham and for those with the energy worth it.

Discover more at the Ryedale Folk Museum.

Navigation Tips at Hutton-le-Hole walk

With exception of some land next to Fairy Call Beck the return to Hutton-le-Hole is via access land. This means you can leave the paths and enjoy the lovely moors hearabouts. There are some wonderful picnic lumps and hollows near the beck.

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  • Mike Lynch says:

    Thanks for info – it seems perfect for our group who are considering a 2 night stay possibly this June. We are ageing golfers who are looking for and walk on arrival and departure days of max 5 miles with maybe one of about 7 miles on the middle day. I do know Hutton and Rosedale but anywhere near would also be considered

    Many thanks


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