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Head of Wharfedale

October 7, 2020

The waterfalls at Cray, some lovely riverside walking and the magnificent views down dale are the highlights of a interesting walk at the head of Wharfedale.

The Walk

Beyond Buckden Wharfedale splits. Heading north the valley heads steeply over to Wensleydale passing the Cray Waterfalls which I had heard a lot about but surprisingly never visited. To the west is the long meandering and very lovely dale of Langstrothdale. Langstrothdale is pounded by the boots of walkers heading along the Dales Way and more recently by those in a car heading to Yockenthwaite Farm. The farm is rightly famous for its granola and diversification programme. More recently it has been featured in the James Herriot TV series.

Combing these two dales makes for an excellent walk. I headed out from Buckden to visit the waterfalls at Cray. It had been dry and to be honest there are better waterfalls around. However it is a pleasant area served by an excellent pub. The path then takes to the flanks of Yockenthwaite Moor and for over 2 miles offers superb views down the main Wharfedale valley. The walking is easy throughout. I ignored the short cut at Scar House and continued to Yockenthwaite Farm. From here the return along the river is lovely.


This walk is much better after some rain has fallen. This is particularly so when looking at the waterfalls of Cray.

At Yockenthwaite Farm the best photo is from the far side of the pack horse bridge.

Navigation Tips at the Head of Wharfedale

I am always very conscious of behaving correctly when walking through farmyards. Looks for the signage (usually small circular arrows), put your dog on the lead and head quickly through.

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