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Levisham and Lockton walk

September 29, 2017

Levisham and Lockton are two attractive villages north of Pickering which makes for a pleasant short walk. The walk links the villages and continues through some pretty woodland and open countryside.

The Walk

I am always a little surprised by the deep valleys which make walking on the North York Moors harder work than anticipated. I never learn and this walk was no different. However the effort on the legs does provide a feast for the eyes. Here wonderfully attractive valleys and good views from the higher ground providing a walk of character and interest.

The dell near St Mary’s Church provided the highlight for me, exploring the two villages may provide the highlight for others. Alternatively the continued sight and sounds of a steam train is always a pleasure as is a short or longer stop at the Fox and Rabbit pub. Almost any walk near Levisham and Lockton are thoroughly enjoyable but be prepared, the valleys are deep and the climbs out of them are tough!

Of the two villages I prefer Levisham. The immaculate lay out of the village is pleasant on the eye . The fact the wide main street leads to the pub is an added bonus. A second very pleasant walk from Levisham leads to the Hole of Horcum. Lockton is less attractive but does have an interesting church, St Giles, with a 13th century nave.


The woods between Levisham and Lockton can be a little dense in high summer. The brambles sometime cross the paths and catch out the unsuspecting walker. Take care if you wear shorts.

Navigation Tips at Levisham and Lockton walk

This walk goes through the main street of Lockton. The footpath leading to the woods at the eastern exit of the village. Take the left fork where the path divides. The path then drops to the river, crosses a foot bridge and then climbs in to the thicker woodland.

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