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Askrigg to Leyburn walk

September 23, 2018

Take the bus from Askrigg to Leyburn and walk back along the River Ure enjoying the many sights of Wensleydale. Aysgarth Falls and Castle Bolton are just two of the many highlights.

The Walk

There is so much to see in Wensleydale that the biggest challenge is to filter the best from the rest. In my opinion Aysgarth Falls, Castle Bolton and the villages of Askrigg and Carperby are the best and they are included on this walk. However many would include Hawes and Hardraw Falls which are not. However to do everything in a day is not possible and this walk also allows time to enjoy the River Ure itself. Wensleydale is less harsh than the surrounding dales. Here the valley floor is open, the hills to north and south gentler and it is less influenced by its industrial past. I actually enjoy Wensleydale most in Autumn and Spring with the lower light creating some wonderful colours and shadows.

Askrigg is a lovely village where the original James Herriot was filmed. From there Carperby is one of my favourite villages and lies just above the famous Aysgarth Falls. From this spectacular series of waterfalls the route climbs to Castle Bolton were Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned. Finally the walk drops slowly through some lovely countryside to Leyburn.


If you want to shorten the walk (save nearly 4 miles) and still include the best section pick up the bus at Castle Bolton.


The 156/157 leaves Leyburn (Market Place) regularly and arrives in Askrigg approximately 40 minutes later every day except Sunday. The Dales bus runs on Sunday. Check the times.

Navigation Tips on the Askrigg to Leyburn walk

It is possible to keep to the river all the way but much more enjoyable to head up to Castle Bolton from Aysgarth Falls. The paths are better and the views great!

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