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Askrigg, Aysgarth & Herriot Country walk

July 16, 2019

This walk through Herriot Country from Askrigg to Aysgarth starts on the higher land and returns along the River Ure. It passes through some pleasant limestone scenery with outstanding views across the dale.

The Walk

No other walk sums up the Yorkshire Dales, and Wensleydale in particular, better than a high level tramp between Aysgarth Falls and the village of Askrigg with a riverside return. The higher level section passes under a limestone scar. Thereafter it follows a series of good tracks. Finally enjoy the character of the River Ure on the lower level return. Aysgarth Falls (Upper and Lower) is the star but there are long stretches of peaceful riverside walking as the river meanders along the valley floor.

A few things stood out for me when I first completed this walk on a glorious summer’s day. My favourite stretch of the walk was a hidden valley above the village of Woodhall. Here there is land out of sight from Wensleydale and includes some of the best walking in the Dales. In addition I always enjoy exploring the village of Carperby and trying to discover the best route from here to Aysgarth Falls. Also my inquisitive mind enjoyed the section along the Old Railway. Would it be ever possible to open again? Yes probably, but we need a friendly millionaire or a generous government.

This walk is one of my 20 Best walks in the Yorkshire Dales.


It is a long walk anyway but it is possible to extend it to include Castle Bolton. The extension of this walk (refer to the map) from Carperby does however give some views of the Castle.

Navigation Tips on a Herriot Country walk

One of those walks where you will never go far wrong but can easily lose 15 minutes with a wrong turning. The key decision spots are on the higher path under Ivy Scar, at the farm on entering Carperby and just after the upper falls when the path circles Bear Park. My tip is to keep a close eye on your map, the details are all there.

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  • Chris Brueton says:

    Competed this last weekend but in reverse. Starting Askrigg along the valley bottom to Aysgarth and returning below the the scars but high enough up on the North side of the valley to give amazing views and found some lead ore (Galena) on the path half way back to Askrigg. Lovely route, views, weather and company to share it with.

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