Where is this walk?

Middleham to Masham walk

October 7, 2019

Take the bus from Masham and walk back from Middleham to Masham. Middleham is a beautiful village. From there the river passes Cover Bridge, Jervaulx Abbey and Mar Field before ending at Masham.

The Walk

The various ages of history are encountered on an eight mile walk along the River Ure. The ancient ruins of Jervaulx Abbey are the oldest site. In addition they are in the worst repair. Of similar age but it better condition is the splendid castle at Middleham whilst the old country houses are a little more modern. However they contrast noticeably with the bustle of Masham market, the peace of some riverside walking and the lovely countryside. The walk certainly took me longer than I thought as there is so much to see, not everything directly on the route. Take a full day, have lunch at the tea room at Jervaulx Abbey and spend the night in the lovely market town of Masham.


The two best times for this walk are High Summer or better still when the snow lies on the ground. I mainly prefer these times because the ground is firm and the waking easier. Often riverside walking can be muddy.


The 159 bus leaves Masham square every 2 hours (less on Sunday) taking 20 minutes to Middleham. However please check to make sure the timetable has not altered.

Navigation Tips on the Middleham to Masham walk

When you arrive at Mar Field Nature Reserve near Masham you will be directed to the east of the reserve via a permissive path (shown orange dashes on a map). A permissive path is ‘by permission of the land owner’ and can be taken away at any stage. However green dashed public rights of way are fixed by law and permission cannot be withdrawn.

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