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Scarborough Sea Cut

December 24, 2017

Starting from near Scalby follow the canal of the Scarborough Sea Cut as it heads inland. On reaching the River Derwent return via Raincliffe Woods to Scalby.

The Walk

The Scarborough Sea Cut is fed by small streams and becks draining water away from the moors on the western side of Scalby and Newby. In response to major flooding on the River Derwent in 1799, a canal was built. The canal was made alongside a small stream between Everley and Newby Bridge. The cut filtrated a large proportion of river water directly the few miles to the sea at Scalby. The result was to reduce flooding along the many low land miles before the Derwent met the Humber. In addition the canal provided power and water to a number of small mills built during the 19th century. Today however its used more by walkers than workers! It looks little more than a traditional canal these days.

It now forms part of the Tabular Hills walk, an excellent walk that completes the circle between the two ends of the Cleveland Way.

Raincliffe Woods is almost an adventure playground. Many paths interlink with cycle ways and orienteering courses throughout its length. The woodland though is lovely and is managed sympathetically. It makes for a fine alternative to a walk along the coast and beaches nearby. The woods can be busy however the first half of the walk is quiet and peaceful.


I think this would be excellent on a cold, frosty/snowy winter day – not sure why but I think it would be!

Navigation Tips on the Scarborough Sea Cut

There is a multitude of paths in Raincliffe Woods. It matters little which you take. As long as you continue in a generally easterly direction you will soon emerge near the lane leading north to Scalby.

  • Jonathan Whitehead says:

    Fantastic little walk. Gpx file not really needed, but gives you some idea when to leave the woods and start heading down to the road.

  • moira penrose says:

    I would like to try this walk but the directions are a little vague for me. Is it possible to get a more detail route description please

    • Jonathan says:

      The sketch map is deliberately vague as I am always keen people transpose this to a proper 0/S map or similar. My route gives a start, a distance and the sketch map.

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