Where is this walk?

Silver How over Grasmere

December 18, 2018

Silver How lies to the west of Grasmere and is full of rocky knolls, lumps and hollows. Hidden tarns pepper the area and there is always a surprise around the corner.

The Walk

Most people whilst staying in Grasmere tend to walk around the lake or head up Easedale. However the nearest mountain is rarely visited. This is Silver How. It is easily found on a footpath that heads uphill from a bend in the road leading out of Grasmere to the west. It even has some convenient parking. The fell itself is the start of a long undulating ridge which heads north west all the way to High Raise near Langdale. However it is a perfectly good fell to tackle on its own.

The route to the summit is interesting. Of particular interest is the Target practice metal sheet/shelter found before arriving at the path junction. It was used in the late 19th century, with the views south over Windermere tending to draw the eye. At the junction a sharp right turn climbs steadily to the summit. From here some trackless ground heads towards Lang Haw and the two picturesque tarns on its south west slops. One thing of note is that both tarns are silting up and will have disappeared in another fifty years. The descent passes the National Trust Grade 2 building at Allan Banks. Allan Banks is very informal and much the better for it. Bring your own picnic and enjoy the fascinating old house. Interestingly it was once the home of Canon Rawnsley, the founder of the National Trust.


For someone wanting to experience the true joys of fell walking in the Lake District for the first time Silver How is perfect.

Navigation Tips Silver How

It is an excellent area to learn navigation techniques. This is due to the hidden dells and rocky knolls that characterise much lakeland walking. As a result it was with the other National Park instructors that I explored the fell.

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