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Coxwold and Beacon Banks

May 13, 2018

A short walk from Coxwold and Beacon Banks to Husthwaite is a pleasant way to spend a few hours. The walk is along pleasant lanes and easy paths.

The Walk

There must be real pride in the local populations of the villages in this area of the country. Both Husthwaite and Coxwold are two of many immaculately presented villages. Here lovely red roofed houses sit proud over well groomed gardens. It is almost a given that someone will be out mowing the lawns. I had picked a warm summer afternoon to walk the few miles between the villages and there is a real tendency to linger. Both villages have a pub, a school and a church. Both have a village green, Husthwaite is better and both lie on the slopes of a hill.

However the highlight is the walk is the the mile and a half along Beacon Banks with its wonderful views north to the White Horse. In addition there are some pleasant views towards the far western moors and south over the plains of York. Two mysteries though to ponder on as you cross the banks. The first is the inability of the Ordnance Survey to put the trig point at the highest point (I know it is no a pre-requisite) and secondly why a large llama farm is situated nearby. All in all it is a pleasant walk.


There was a recent mass planting of trees (2015) which may yet obscure some of the best of the views. I did return in 2019 and the views are still impressive. I will check again soon.

Navigation Tips at Coxwold and Beacon Banks

Just be on the look out for footpath signs whilst walking on the roads. All footpaths that leave roads/tarmac must legally have a signpost. It is not the case away from the roads.

  • Louise says:

    We set off from the Fauconberg Arms in Coxwold. The walk itself is lovely with beautiful views of the White Horse but, echoing some of the other comments, the paths are not well marked in places. This created a bit of confusion and an Indiana Jones moment where we thought about jumping the beck until an erstwhile hidden bridge appeared in the distance like a mirage. There was also some barbed wire to navigate but I fear we may have strayed from the advertised route. However, the pint at the end was worth it.

  • Gill says:

    Walked this route at the weekend. I don’t think it is walked very often as there are places where there are no footpath markers. At one point the farmer has ploughed over the footpath completely!
    Like the previous reviewer we started in Husthwaite and had lunch in Coxwold.
    It is a lovely walk and more people need to complete it in order for the paths to stay open.

  • Caroline says:

    Lovely sunny February day. Started in Husthwaite so that we could have lunch in the pub at Coxwold. Did the walk anti clockwise and thoroughly enjoyed it. Good views to the white horse and Byland abbey over pleasant footpaths and tracks. Not too muddy. Would recommend and plan to do it again sometime.

  • Tracey says:

    I did this walk 2 weeks ago, lovely walk but the Orchard Inn in Husthwaite closed 2 years ago.

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