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Hills over Hawnby

August 23, 2018

Hawnby Hill and Easterside Hill are two prominent humps best climbed from the Hawnby village. The walking on the hills of Hawnby is very enjoyable as is the crossing which links them.

The Walk

Normally the North York Moors are characterised by long stretches of high moorland or deep valleys of dense woodland. However this walk from Hawnby breaks the mold. Two steep sided, heather coated hills dominate. One at the start and one at the end of the walk. As a result both provide excellent views over Hawnby and the surrounding moors.

Hawnby the village is worth a visit and provides an interesting base to explore the surrounding countryside, the church and inn too of its many attractions. The second hill on the route,  Easterside Hill, is an intriguing place. For example near its summit there are some strange electronic devices. They may be traps for animals but more likely some type of measuring tools for the soil. No rights of way cross Easterside Hill but it is access land so take some time and explore.


I have extended the walk beyond the two hills for a further three miles through easy moorland and views down in to Ladhill Gill. It is possible to carry on to the higher moors near Bilsdale Transmitting Station (now working!!), adding another three miles to the walk.

Navigation Tips on the Hills over Hawnby

The path over Hawnby Hill is obvious. The one over Easterside less so. However there is a gap in the wall at the junction of boundaries at its northern end. A faint path then climbs to the summit. This is access land (shown by shaded yellow areas on an O/S map). After passing the highest point and continuing south the faint path meets a public right of way before the steep descent.


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