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Eight Stiles Walk Around Long Preston

January 9, 2019

The Long Preston walk is know locally as the Eight stiles walk as there are that number on the return. There is also a lovely section of riverside walking, good views over Pendle Hill and a Norman church to explore.

The Walk

Start on Maypole Green for the Long Preston walk and continue up the lane. Pass the village school and follow the road around to the church. Walk through the attractive churchyard and out of the gate at the back onto a lane.  Immediately after the bridge over Long Preston Beck cross the stile on the left to follow the beck as it meanders along. Don’t cross the wooden footbridge on your left but carry on along the beck side. Continue past the stone walls of the reservoir up on the right which supplies the water for the village.  

After half a mile there are two small recently built wooden bridges to cross before heading up the track on the left.  Glance back at the charming view before crossing the stile by the gate onto New Pasture Lane.   The route across the fields from stile to stile can be easily seen, with the village nestling at the bottom.  The eighth stile leads onto Moor Lane and back down on to Maypole Green.

I live in Long Preston so a few hopefully interesting facts would not go amiss. Long means linear (for obvious reasons) whilst Preston has a meaning of ‘priests’ farmstead’. The village still retains a genuine Maypole which is used by the school children once a year on Mayday and the village green does provide a focus for village life. Within minutes any walk from the village will take you into the Dales proper and away from the A65. On the western side of the village is the Long Preston Deeps, a successful wetlands conservation project. St Mary’s Church is a particularly fine example of an old English church dating back to the 14th century where it is first mentioned in the Domesday Book.


Come and enjoy the peace and tranquility of our village. Do not be put off by the A65, in minutes you are in quiet, unspoilt Dales countryside.

Navigation Tips on the Long Preston walk

Why not join one of my popular Navigation Courses which operate out of the pavilion at the Playing Fields in Long Preston. Not only do you learn a skill but also enjoy this lovely countryside.

  • James E Cubberley says:

    There’s a bit missing from the description. “Glance back at the charming view before crossing the stile by the gate onto New Pasture Lane.” Immediately after the lane dog-legs left and right cross the stone stile on the left. “The route across the fields from stile to stile can be easily seen, …”
    Lovely walk, though.

  • Joan Nicholson says:

    I’m an experienced walker but now have walking and balance issues. Stiles can cause me trouble – can you tell me how challenging the 8 stiles and the two earlier ones are on this walk which otherwise sounds perfect. Thanks.

    • Jonathan says:

      The stiles are all those with 2 or 3 stone steps leading up to the opening in the wall and the same down the other side. They are not high but like all these stone stiles can be a little awkward. It is a lovely walk.

  • Ian Smith says:

    I’ve often driven through Long Preston, never thinking of walking the area, until a mention’s been made today in the Bradford T&A.

    The only occasions I’ve stopped there, have been to visit Rohan’s, when I’ve parked along the lane running behind. But I’ve never been comfortable parking on that narrow lane where I seem to be, not quite, trespassing. Where else would you suggest parking before doing a local walk?

    • Jonathan says:

      The best parking is a a couple of hundred yards away from the green at the train station. There is plenty at the car park there. There may well be parking around the green or more likely at the second green just over the main road. However do be sensible and considerate.

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