Where is this walk?

The shores of Thirlmere

July 3, 2018

The walk along the eastern shores of Thirlmere initially sticks close to the lake. It is an unusual path. The return is on the slopes of the mountain opposite with good views and passing some small waterfalls.

The Walk

Walking in Thirlmere is not usually high on the agenda of a visitor to the Lake District. Despite the high level of outrage that was seen when a zip wire was proposed, actual walking is a rarity. The unremittingly steep slopes of the Helvellyn ridge and the bleak and usually boggy moorlands to the west are the main reasons for this. Neither are regularly climbed. In addition the valley sides sandwich an artificially raised reservoir where walking is never straightforward and clearly not natural. As a result most who know of Thirlmere know it by looking through the window of a car.

However there is one lovely walk which I discovered whilst on a navigation training day for the National Park. This track initially climbs above the famous pub at Thirlspot before meandering along the fellside. In particular the views of Thirlmere are good and informative. Further afield the panorama of Skiddaw and Blencathra are beautifully framed over St John’s in the Vale. The return is more awkward. It passes through woodland and sticks close to the lake shores. However this section through the woods offers glimpses across the lake and there is a particularly fine picnic spot on a small pebble beach.


Do not swim in Thirlmere, I rarely give warnings as I believe people should take responsibility for their actions but in this case I am.

Navigation Tips at Thirlmere

The walk along the shores of Thirlmere is a Permissive Path (orange on the map). However United Utilities have taken to closing the odd section or re-routing it in recent years. Just follow their instructions.

  • michael birney says:

    The path from wyburn church to Thirlspot car park has been closed all year and continues to be so, due to logging operations.Your picture of the area is a bit misleading with the pub shown before the end of the mere.That particular piece of road is narrow and winding full of traffic and very dangerous to walk along.Having said that I have had a scout around your site and as a Cumbrian fell walker and closing in on my fifth 214 Wainwright completion I am very impressed with your site.I have sent this second reply as I realised I put wythop instead of wyburn.I blame that Mr Wainwright for getting me mixed up, with all this walking all around my beloved county.Psalm 121.[the Cumbrian motto].

  • michael birney says:

    the path wythop to thirlspot has been closed all year and continues to be so due to logging operations,your pub sign is in the wrong place.Very good site.

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