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South Tyne at Garrigill

September 6, 2017

The South Tyne at Garrigill is little more than a stream most of the year. This short walk in remote countryside leaves Garrigill and follows the west bank to Bleagate, returning on the east side.

The Walk

I have heard Garrigill being described as the ‘land that time forgot’ which certainly rings true to the many people who pass through this small village near Alston. Most of these tend to be¬†walkers on the Pennine Way or the ever increasing number of cyclists who are exploring the area. Certainly the profile of the type of visitor to Garrigill has changed over the years. TA hundred years ago workers of the old lead mining industry tramped these paths from Alston to Garrigill in much larger numbers. Then and not now the area was a hive of activity.

This walk along the embryonic South Tyne from Garrigill towards Alston. It is on a combination of well worn paths that follow the Pennine Way but also smaller riverside paths. These are much quieter and full of reflective charm. In fact this section is much better that which is closer to Alston. The paths run through farming land, mainly sheep fields and farms. Maybe it is not just Garrigill that exists in a land that time has forgotten! Maybe the better for it.


Do have a good look around the village of Garrigill. In particular visit the quirky Post Office and the George and Dragon. Stay the night to really soak in the atmosphere of this unique small village.

Navigation Tips at Garrigill

If you do not want to return along the banks of the South Tyne, possibly due to the wetness of the paths head up to the road just above. This is a quiet road and, being higher, has pleasant views over this part of Northumberland.

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