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Ashgill Force on the South Tyne

July 1, 2017

The walk along the South Tyne from Garrigill is a pleasant half day stroll. Ashgill Force is set in the woods at the end of the walk and is a beautiful spot. Start and finish in the pretty village of Garrigill.

The Walk

Above the pretty village of Garrigill lies a deep gorge and an impressive tumbling beck. I first came across the waterfall (a 55 foot drop) from below. This is the most dramatic approach with the alternative a less inspiring view from the road bridge. Therefore this dictates the direction of the walk. In addition it is a pleasant but short path which winds its way up through woodland before reaching the waterfall. It is reminiscent is some ways to the approach to Janet’s Foss near Malham.

A school party were enjoying a spot of gorge walking when I first arrived. However myself and Mist contented ourselves with the more obvious path and trying to spot remnants of the old lead mines. There is a broad shelf behind the waterfall which is worth exploring and which I suspect the school party had already ventured in to. Looked a little wet to me.

The mines are extremely numerous across this whole area. It is sometimes hard to imagine how popular the valley once was when on a modern day walk . The approach along the South Tyne from Garrigill is also pleasant as is the welcome pint at the George & Dragon.


Sit and have a pint at Garrigill watching the many Pennine Way walkers hobbling in after their long slog over Cross Fell from Dufton.

Navigation Tips at Ashgill Force

The South Tyne Trail provides the outbound route to Ashgill Force. The return is via a set of sheep fields. Look for the stiles to see the route.

  • Ann says:

    Good to hear this walk is not good for dogs. I am sick of having to look out for dog poo and worse still dog poo bags!

  • Glyn Anderson says:

    Thanks for publishing the walk. I have been to the falls twice, but only from the road immediately above. I look forward to trying your walk next time I visit the country. I also downloaded the gpx file, but the track seems a bt off, I guess poor GPS reception may be to blame.

  • sue and charlie says:

    Please will you let people know that this walk is unsuitable for dogs unless small and you can lift them over the styles Certainly not suitable for bassets and big dogs A hole in the wall with a drop down or something similar would be good for dogs thanks sue Charlie snowy and tintin

    • Jonathan says:

      This is the case with any walk on a public footpath, only bridleways have gates. Some styles do have dog holes but they are limited.

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