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River Ribble villages walk

June 5, 2018

The River Ribble villages walk near Clitheroe is lovely. A stroll through the lovely villages near the river makes for a very enjoyable walk. Generally the privilege is only reserved for locals and those in the know.

The Walk

The small River Ribble villages of Grindleton, Chatburn, West Bradford, Waddington are idyllic and worth spending some time exploring. There is no better way to become familiar with them than on this walk. Start and finish at Clitheroe, a large town which forms the base for the walk. Each of the villages has its own character with pretty churches, local pubs and little streams vying for the ahh factor. A few years ago we looked at buying a place in one but it was to expensive. Of the villages Grindleton is my favourite. This is mainly due to the lovely views across the valley, I could imagine the spinners and weavers of times past enjoying the same views.

Couple the villages with some very pleasant walking alongside the River Ribble and this became a thoroughly enjoyable walk. The River Ribble at this point is a major river having its origins in the Yorkshire Dales at Ribblehead. It ends up in the sea near Southport having completed a 75 mile long journey.


Take time to visit some of the churches in the villages, they are lovely, have some great murals and stain glass as well as an interesting history.

Navigation Tips on the River Ribble villages walk

Walking between the River Ribble villages is challenging only in that there are so many options. I suggest sticking to the river between Grindleton & West Bradford but cutting across the fields between West Bradford and Waddington, using the path that leaves the villages between the houses to the west in West Bradford and emerging near Waddington by the school.

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  • Vivien Fisher says:

    Thank you for very interesting article with beautiful photos. I am now inspired to follow this walk and reflect on many years ago when my childhood holidays were spent sitting on the bank under West Bradford bridge watching my father fishing in the Ribble.

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