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Walk from Stump Cross Caverns

November 18, 2022

The walk from Stump Cross Caverns is a simple, circular walk across the high moors of Greenhow Hill with some beautiful views, particularly to the south over Simon’s Seat. Mining pot marks the area nearest the caves but now it is only sheep traversing the rough moorland.

The Walk

The area around Stump Cross Caverns has been extensively mined for a 1,000 years and it was through the mines that the large network of caves were discovered. The caves themselves run for 4 miles although just one mile is open to the public. However a four and a half mile walk runs over the top of the caves, in essence circling the sandstone boulders of High Crag. Here the moors are undisturbed (aside from some mining remains at the start of the walk). In addition the views are very good, towards Simon Seat and down the valley to Bolton Abbey and on the second half of the walk the western Dales. In good weather there is little better.

The walk over the moors is initially on a faint path but soon joins the wider one. Leave the track for the short climb to the boulders of High Crag, a mini version of nearby Simon’s Seat. A good spot.


This walk will probably take a couple of hours (mybe a little less). It is a perfect option for those not wanting to go in the caves. The party can split, some visit the caves, some walk and then meet up in the very good cafe. Choice for all

Navigation Tips at Stump Cross Caverns

The walk is across Access Land when you begin the walk. Although it is recommended to walk along the road to where the right of way leaves the road, this is not necessary. An unlocked gate lies 1/2 a mile short of the right of way, a faint path from the gate joins the right of way near a stone bar. Sve yourself some road walking by using the Access Land. It is what it is there for.

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