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Grimwith Reservoir via Hebden Beck

February 17, 2018

The walk from Grimwith Reservoir via Hebden Beck is full of interest. From the lovely Hebden Beck the walk climbs on to the moors and down to Grimwith Reservoir where the peace and quiet complete a lovely day out.

The Walk

The popular walk around Grimwith Reservoir is a four and a half mile walk from the large car park on near the Sailing Club. For bird watchers this is a great choice. Principally due to the reservoir being an important habitat for some rare species including the wigeon.

However for the more intrepid walker with exploration and discovery in mind it is worth combining the walk around Grimwith Reservoir with a climb alongside Hebden Beck and a moorland crossing. Hebden beck and the industrial remains higher up is both beautiful and full of historical interest. The old lead mines are easily seen and well preserved. In fact there is even a mini signposted tour of the old buildings, quarries and a 40 metre high, perfectly preserved chimney. A visit here is a must. Only in Swaledale are the remains of the old lead mining industry so easy to view and explore.

Cutting across to Grimwith Reservoir from the chimney involves a mile and a half of Grassington Moor, Above the reservoir the spectacular gorge of Blea Gill is out of bounds. However a track skirts the northern boundary landing you on the reservoir path easily enough. I think this is a great walk and one of my personal favourites for its variety and ‘interest value’ .


If for whatever reason you do not fancy the full eleven miles do not ignore Hebden Gill. In fact it is lovely!

Navigation Tips above Hebden Beck

The crossing from Hebden Beck to Grimwith Reservoir is not commonly used by walkers. Follow the tracks north and then east from the northern part of the beck near the chimney. From here head to the point where Blea Beck meets a bridlepath. Cross the wall and follow the southern side of the beck down to the reservoir track.

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