LOWA Military Boots for Walkers

When you hear about the German industry in the media, you generally think about their reputation on engineering. It’s no surprise that they also manufacture some of the highest quality footwear available on the market, but here we are just focusing at their task force military boots, and who best to put these boots to the test than military personnel.

The boots in question are manufactured by a company called LOWA who are located in Jetzendorf – the home of manufacturing in Germany. They created a range of military boots called the Task Force Collection, these specially designed and manufactured military boots are used all over the world. They don’t just get tested on site, they get put to the test by the military who come back time and time again because of the fantastic and reliable quality.

LOWA was founded in 1923 by LOrenz WAgner, which is where the name LOWA comes from. Since then their reputation has grown massively as well as their factories, technology and manufacturing infrastructure. Today LOWA continues to build its prominence in the important export markets of North America, Asia and Eastern Europe. Its strategy of producing nearly 100 percent of its products in Germany and Europe and to remain in its headquarters in Jetzendorf still proves itself a model of success. Their customers appreciate the combination of tradition and innovation and value the function, quality and fit of LOWA Task Force military boots.

With LOWA growing year on year, it was only a matter of time before they would create a range of task force footwear capable of withstanding the demands of day-to-day military operations and exercise. These military boots come built to last, they are not cheap military boots but they are extremely good value for money. They come with a whopping 24 months warranty, what other boots sold to the military come with that sort of product confidence and assurance? The task force boots are made from a variety of materials, from full grain leather to the advanced waterproofing GORE-TEX material which is added to certain boots. Some people, including myself prefer not to have waterproofing when wearing boots in hot climates – after all you don’t want your boot to fill with your sweat!

You may not have heard of LOWA and the task force collection at all and that’s because they are not widely advertised like other military boots. Instead these specialists boots rely solely on reputation.

LOWA Task Force Military Boots are some of the best in the world. Check them out for yourself direct from the official UK distributor Task Force Distribution Ltd.


  • Simon says:

    Lowa’s are absolutely brilliant boots, we sell tons at our shop and I can’t remember ever having one fail (they’re built like tanks). Just got the new MOD army brown styles in as well like in your top picture!

  • Roger Harris says:

    You may also like to consider ALT-BERG boots they do Walking Military and Motorcycle boots Made in Richmond North Yorkshire. They do a great range and you can have a fitting at the factory.

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