Take a stroll with a pair of Walking Sandals

Walking in the summer months, or even just warmer climates is the ideal time for most walkers as you can enjoy treks and trails while they’re dry and solid and not have to enjoy the scenery when it’s overcast or raining. Even though it’s the perfect time you can find wearing even the best supportive and protective walking or hiking boots with the latest technology in moisture wicking and breathability can still be too warm, so to make your walks more comfortable investing in a pair of walking sandals is definitely a good idea.

Even though there may be a fashion stigma around wearing sandals, the ranges of walking sandals currently available are not only stylish but some of the premium comfortable and supportive footwear you can buy.  Unlike other summer footwear like flip-flops and basic sandals, walking sandals are much more durable as they are designed to be used walking over long distances on rougher terrain, although not over hills and elevated trails but you can rely on them much more without losing any of the benefits you would expect.

A key aspect to all footwear are the soles as without a decent tread, grip and cushioning you can end up having an uncomfortable journey, but with some brands making use of expert technologies like Vibram soles you’ll find unrivalled grip that will keep you firmly on the ground.  A number of walking sandals like ones from Teva are specially designed to keep your feet as dry as possible should you be caught in the rain by draining away moisture via the mid-sole with their TIDE technology.

The straps and closures which are in place of uppers in regular shoes hold their shape very well and offer the maximum possible support for your feet as you’re walking and can be made from leather types like suede and nubuck which are more suited to warmer and drier weather, but many today are coated in anti-microbial solutions preventing bacteria and odour build-up and some even have water resistant coatings too.  If you’re expecting your route to take you through or near water, or perhaps you just want to take precaution against the unpredictable weather then most footwear brands offer walking sandals made entirely from synthetic materials like Elastane, Lycra and Neoprene which won’t absorb moisture nor change shape when wet or take a long time to dry and they’re effective at wicking away moisture.  You’ll also find that most footbeds are made from compression moulded EVA, EVA or are Vibram footbeds which are impact resistant and some even have extra heel cushioning for worse impacts protecting your feet.

So you can see for many reasons why choosing a pair of walking sandals from Fitness Footwear is a good choice for enjoying summertime hikes and trails with the comfort and support you’ve come to expect from other footwear.

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