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Aber Falls walk

November 5, 2020

Sandwiched between the northern fringes of the large upland plateau of the Carneddau lies Aber Falls. There is, strictly, two very impressive waterfalls that can be easily visited on an excellent circular walk.

The Walk

It is perfectly possible to visit the main waterfall of Aber Falls in a one hour circular from the busy car park. The waterfall is impressive and some walking is needed (albeit on an excellent track). However the area around Aber Falls offers so much more. Extend the walk in a circular starting in the village, visiting and exploring the second waterfall of Rheadr bach and returning via the western side of the valley.

The second waterfall is not quite as dramatic as Aber Falls but has more character. Climb a short way on a faint path on its eastern side and discover a wonderful hidden hideaway. The excellent path then heads back towards the coast but do not forget to keep stopping and admiring the open views across both waterfalls. When the falls disappear the coastline appears. It is a steep but straightforward descent in the village of Aber with excellent coastal views to enjoy.


I considered reversing the Aber falls walk and that has the advantage of getting the steep climb out the way. However the end of the walk would leave a sour taste. The walk along the road to the car park can be busy and the crowds heading to the falls can be irritating. Walking this way it just gets better and better!

Navigation Tips on the Aber Falls walk

The walk is straightforward to follow. One oddity on the O/S maps is the use of the vast electricity pylons as a feature. These are not often shown on a map but when you are stood below them you can see why they are!

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