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Alnmouth and Boulmer

May 29, 2024

The walk from Alnmouth to Boulmer (and back) is a lovely contrast of wide sands and rocky outcrops, busy and quiet and all capped off with a fine pub. There are three distinctive bays between Alnmouth and Boulmer ringed by golf courses and pretty coastal houses.

The Walk

Alnmouth is a popular village situated on the estuary where the River Aln meets the sea. It is only possible to walk north along Alnmouth sands although it is worth starting the day with a look across the estuary to the beaches and dunes opposite. The walk from Alnmouth to Boulmer starts alongside Alnmouth public golf course, one of the best in the country. However the high tides are gradually eroding the edges of the course. Return to play golf in a 100 years and there will be nothing left! The great concrete blocks have been partially effective but nothing can beat the power of the sea.

Keep to the beach along Alnmouth sands, past the point of Marsden Rocks (stretching out to the ocean for 1/2 a mile at low tide) to the second bay of the day. This is Foxton, a wide sandy beach framed by a second golf course and a selection of holiday huts on the dunes above. The views from the beach homes are superb. Continue round the second point of rocks to the third beach leading to the small fishing village of Boulmer.

Boulmer is in complete contrast to Alnmouth. It has a chequered history. Originally the fishing village was home to a notorious smuggling operation. Now it is better known as the site of nearby RAF Boulmer. A small selection of houses are clustered around the point, complete with the excellent Fisherman’s Boat Inn. The pub makes for a very satisfying half way house. Assuming the tide is not full the best return route is via the beaches although the walk through the houses at Foxton Bay makes for an interesting alternative.


The Northumberland Coast tends to be good for bus services and one way walk. This one is not so good and it is much more enjoyable to reverse the walk.

Navigation Tips between Alnmouth and Boulmer

There is nothing challenging about this walk from a Navigational view. However note the tides because at high tide much of the beaches completely disappear. However it is always easy to scramble on to a path just above the shoreline.

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