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Appleby and the River Eden

June 28, 2017

The walk at Appleby and the River Eden follows the river at times but also enters some rough countryside and past a number of small hamlets. The town of Appleby with its castle is a good place to spend time.

The Walk

After the vigorous activity nearer its source in Mallerstang, the River Eden passes along the massive floodplain known as the Eden Valley. The river is tranquil as it approaches Appleby. However the excellent woodland path provides a viewing platform that can be enjoyed for nearly two miles. Before reaching the river banks the walk passes through some rough countryside reflecting the varied nature of this part of the world.

The outdoor centre at Ormside Mill and the large caravan park nearby contrast with the lovely woodland walking near Bandley Bridge. The section from here to Hoff was my favourite section along with the pretty village of Great Ormside. The lands between is undulating in nature and can be boggy. However Appleby dominates all. This market town has stood proud throughout history, the scene of many confrontations with the Scots and during the middle ages. Today it is most famous as the location for the popular Appleby Horse Fair.


Appleby Castle is now a venue for historical tours, weddings, stays, afternoon teas and open air events.

Navigation Tips at Appleby and the River Eden

One of the important tips on any walk is to look for and use the features of the land. In this walk follow the small River Hoff and return by the larger River Eden. Between Hoff and Great Ormside there are no rivers to follow. However there are buildings and there are contours indicating higher and lower land. The clues are always there.

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