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Ard Crags above Newlands

July 18, 2019

The climb along Ard Crags above Newlands is one of the finest and easiest ridge walks in the Lake District. The views are excellent and it feels a privilege to be there. However their are steep slopes at either end.

The Walk

1860′. There are two main reasons I walked this circuit of Ard Crags above Newlands. The ridge is excellent (grassy and narrow) and Newlands deserves a closer exploration┬áthan I had previously given it. Many will pass Ard Crags by car and barely look up at its steep slopes. Others will assume it is part of the long Eel Crags /Causey Pike ridge. However there is a deep V shaped valley between them Not many therefore climb on to the wonderful ridge of Ard Crags with its easy walking and outstanding views across Newlands and Derwentwater to the east and Buttermere to the west.

This is one of my favourite mile and a half of ridge walking in the Lake District. It is particularly satisfying after the steep climb that precedes it. On a previous occasion, myself and JP cut across to Braithwaite over the hause of Causey Pike and Scar Crags but this time I contented myself with a leisurely stroll back to the car.


On arriving at the ridge follow it for a little while south west and enjoy the beautiful views over Buttermere.

Navigation Tips on Ard Crags

On the descent you do not have to continue along the path and in to the valley under Causey Pike to exit the fell. The map does show the path running out at a field boundary. However to your right there is a broken gate that leads directly the few metres to the road. No wall climbing or angry farmers.

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  • Mountain Mike Wilson says:

    Hi its Mountain Mike todays target is Hindscarth,weather is wall to wall sunshine temperature is minus one. At this point I meet a guy called Trevor and discuss the days intentions after this I cross the bridge and turn left passing through the farm turn right and I’m on the track for Hindscarth,conditions underfoot great I’m geared up with ice axe and crampons.After a good few neat scrambles I’m on a ridge heading for the base of the final ascent plenty of photographs taken I am the only person up here,the track is a bit dodgy in parts so people beware.Finally I’m at the base of the mountain say 500ft to the top and I’m facing a wall of frozen snow so its out with the hardware crampons make the ascent easy with an ice axe and I’m in the shelter on this side whoopee another Wainwright bagged,quick break and I’m heading for the top,crampons now strapped to my rucksack,I keep my axe out just in case.Weather superb what a day,I decide to go over to Robinson and drop back down from there.At the top I take a few snaps a video or two and as a large crowd make towards me I make my way towards some scary scrambles back down Robinson fortunately the rocks were bone dry but a bit of advice you are better ascending this way,I pass a couple of lady walkers and a fell runner before I start descending these are naughty little scrambles but I make it down and meet up with a couple from Castle Eden in Durham just up the road from Teesside where I live they ask my advice about going up and coming down after a short chat they decide to retreat four legged friend faithfully following,I continue my descent safely into the valley a few more snaps taken and I’m back at the car great day on the Mountains.

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