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Barrow from Braithwaite

August 30, 2019

The short, but rewarding, walk up Barrow from Braithwaite has excellent views. It offers a great vantage point for the Coledale Round and the spread north towards Blencathra and Skiddaw.

The Walk

1,494 ft. As it becomes more and more difficult to ‘get at’ Catbells due to the lack of parking opportunities the appeal of Barrow grows. Barrow is very similar to Catbells in many ways, in particular both make for an excellent first family walk. Both climbs are not too steep, each is not high and there is no danger at all of becoming lost. On Barrow there is an option to go further (as there is on Catbells) with the undulating ridge to Outerside. It is a pleasant if simple walk which does not stray from the clutches of Braithwaite.

Barrow from Braithwaite was my eldest daughter’s first fell (albeit in a back pack) and I have always held it with some affection. However on returning recently I was particularly enamoured by the green swath of path which rises gently up from the farm outside Braithwaite. It is easy walking for anyone. The summit is a fine place to spend some time, partly because of its proximity right in the mouth of the Coledale Horseshoe. The views over the Lake at Bassenthwaite and the fact the summit area is a lovely spot only help mking this a lovely, if shor,t walk.


Continuing to at least Stile End if not all the way to Outerside adds considerably to the walk with little effort.

Navigation Tips on Barrow

This is a simple walk in navigation terms. However take your map to the summit of Barrow and spread it out. It is an excellent place to orientate the map and start spotting all the different mountains in view. Very rewarding and one of the great, practical advantage of traditional maps.

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