Where is this walk?

Askham Fell and The Lowther Valley

April 17, 2017

To the east of Pooley Bridge lies the broad ridge of Askham Fell. It separates the lakes from the lower grounds of the Lowther Valley which is a quiet area worth exploring.

The Walk

I was walking with Debbie and Andy as part of their wonderful Coast to Coast crossing on the initial section of this walk. The section from Pooley Bridge took us over Askham Fell on an excellent bridleway. Following the climb we dropped into the Lowther Valley. Debbie was completing the long distance walk in her Terrain Hopper (an impressive battery powered wheelchair which was able to get her to places that she could never normally have done). Her aim was to complete the route in two weeks. She achieved it.

Having crossed the wide shoulder above Pooley Bridge we parted at the road near Helton. I returned via Lowther Castle, Askham and Winder Hall to Pooley Bridge. Fortunately the weather conspired to produce a perfect Spring day. There was blue sky, quiet lanes and footpaths, lambs, daffodils all combined to make for an enjoyable return. I had never walked on the far end of the vast High Street ridge near Askham Fell. However it is a lovely part of the lakes, much quieter than expected. In addition there were the remains of an old mine and a some weather forecasting equipment. The views at Askham Fell also reveal Ullswater in all its glory, I always assumed the best Ullswater views were from Gowbarrow, now I am not so sure.


Give yourself time to loiter in Askham certainly and Lowther Castle if you are so inclined. This is without doubt a walk to spend a full day in leisurely pleasure.

Navigation Tips on Askham Fell

On the return on to Askham Fell take the furthest bridlepath past Winder Hall Farm. This is the very end of the Roman Road over High Street.

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