Where is this walk?

Askham Fell & The Lowther Valley

April 17, 2017

To the east of Pooley Bridge lies the broad ridge of Askham Fell. It separates the lakes from the lower grounds near the Eden river and is a quiet area to explore and enjoy.

The Walk

I was walking with Debbie and Andy as part of their wonderful Coast to Coast crossing on the initial section of this walk. This took us over Askham Fell on an excellent bridleway before dropping into the Lowther Valley. Debbie was crossing in her Terrain Hopper (an impressive battery powered wheelchair which was able to get Debbie in to lands that she could never normally have done) with the aim of crossing the country in 2 weeks, I had helped her over the Lake District section by planning a route which took her off road as much as was possible (quite a lot in fact).

I waved farewell to them when we met the road near Helton and returned via Lowther Castle, Askham and Winder Hall to Pooley Bridge. The weather conspired to produce perfect Spring day, blue sky, quiet lanes and footpaths, lambs, daffodils all combining to  produce a perfect Lake District walking day. I had never ventured to the North Eastern ridge of High Street (for whatever reason it had not appealed to me) but it is a lovely part of the area. The views on the return over Askham Fell reveal Ullswater in all its glory, I used to assume the best Ullswater views were from Gowbarrow, now I am not so sure.


Give yourself time to loiter in Askham certainly and Lowther Castle if you are so inclined, it is a walk to spend a full day in leisurely pleasure.

Navigation Tips on Askham Fell

On the return on to Askham Fell take the furthest bridlepath past Winder Hall Farm. This is the very end of the Roman Road over High Street.

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