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Loadpot Hill from Howtown

February 8, 2018

Loadpot Hill is on the long ridge of High Street which eventually peters out near Pooley Bridge. A sharp climb from Howtown adds to the enjoyment but it is the excellent views over Ullswater which I will remember.

The Walk

A quiet day in the midst of a wet winter found me and Mist determined to find some snow which was safe and fun. Loadpot Hill from Howtown via little known Fusedale was the choice. It was a walk I had never done on a ridge that I always enjoy for its easy walking and great views. There are few places in the Lakes I have not intimately explored but this was one. It was great. I particularly enjoyed the ridge between Loadpot Hill and Wether Hill which had covering of snow. It set Mist off in to one of her mad frollicking fits. Fusedale providing a gradual easy climb on to the ridge and the views were superb, walking in winter does have a number of benefits.


I actually left the ridge after Arthurs Pike and there is a steep sheep track on the west side of Swarthbeck Gill, but it is better just to carry on along the Roman Road for a further mile and double back on the bridleway at Barton Park. Best of all is to carry on to Pooley Bridge if you can organize the car movement.

Navigation Tips on Loadpot Hill from Howtown

There are two key things when navigating in the snow. The first is there are no paths to follow. The second is it takes longer to complete a walk.

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