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‘Barlick’ and Weets Hill

December 5, 2019

Weets Hill is surprisingly impressive. Topped by a cairn, trig point and a well positioned bench the views across Barnoldswick (‘Barlick’ to its friends) are excellent. It is more of a local’s walk however and therefore quiet and those you meet knowledgeable.

The Walk

To the north and east lie the Yorkshire Dales and the west the flatter landscape drifts off towards Morecambe Bay. It is one of the great advantages of being isolated  (at 1,302 feet Weets Hill is not small) but the views are made better by the paucity of other hills.

I worked in nearby Earby for 10 years so had seen Weets Hill for years but never climbed it. The climb itself is good, following the Pendle Way and the descent over the Edge good fun. Picking your way between the local farms is often a trial but I did not find this the case. The coll under Weets Hill can be wet and after rains it is probably better to carry on to Weets Farm and join the Pennine Bridleway there. I did not and got wet feet. Many others had done the same as there is a good track cutting the corner!

Navigation Tips

Near the start of the walk of ‘Barlick and Weets Hill’ on Folly Lane, just after the zig zag is a house called Standridge. At this point look carefully for a small stile on your right which is the Pendle Way and the only route to Weets Hill. Easily missed.

Navigation Tips at ‘Barlick’ and Weets Hill

The paths on the return are a little confusing but keep heading east and you will end up using the convenient farm tracks.

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