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Bordley on Malham Moor

June 30, 2017

This is a peaceful walk passing through Bordley on Malham Moor. Mastilles Lane just to the north is the popular way to cross from Malhamdale to Upper Wharfedale but this quiet walk is a pleasant alternative.

The Walk

The land between Malham and Grassington at Malham Moor is a fascinating mix of limestone, rough moorland and the pretty and rarely visited valley of Winterburn (complete with a small reservoir). At the head of Winterburn is the small hamlet of Bordley. Bordley forms the focal point of the seven and a half mile walk. It is tiny hamlet, at last count only twenty four residents. It is surely one of the most inaccessible hamlets in England. I watched the postman trying to get there and ruin his van in the process. A rough spot to live!

Soon after the initial walk through farmland the track rises to Threshfield Moor and a long line of shooting butts. It is wild and lonely up here, make sure your map reading skills are up to scratch. The scenery becomes softer on the approach to Bordley and feels completely different on the return to Threshfield. Although Malham can be spotted in the distance it is the moors changing to dry stone walls and fields which makes the difference. Malham Moor Lane passes through some classic limestone scenery and ancient iron age settlements as it drops gradually in to Wharfedale.


It is possible to extend the Bordley on Malham Moor walk quite easily by joining Mastiles Lane above Bordley. Return from Kilnsey Crag along the back road. The ancient Roman Road of Mastiles Lane is easy walking through outstanding limestone scenery but the return from Kilnsey is a bit awkward.

Navigation Tips on Malham Moor

Whilst walking on moorland paths look carefully on the map for the dryer walks. In particular where there is little tufty background symbols that are blue this means marshy land. When they are green it just means rougher moorland.

The marshy land is often where streams start in the moors. Avoid!

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