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Robinson from Newlands Hause

May 15, 2017

A high start up Robinson from Newlands Hause is an easy way of climbing to one of the best Lake District mountains. The walk climbs alongside Moss Force adding to the charm of the day.

The Walk

2417′. Stunning views over the Buttermere valley from High Snockrigg is the highlight of this short walk. I climbed Robinson from Newlands Hause one early summer morning (I’d just spent the night sleeping in the car…it is a long story). Fortunately I had never visited the depths of Moss Force before so took the path in to its depths before scrambling up the rocks beside the impressive waterfall. I returned the same way. It may be worth trying to avoid the Buttermere Moss after wet weather, the path taking to the low ridge to the west. The sun was still low in the sky and the valley in shade but the colours and light were excellent. It was a photographer’s dream.

Robinson is usually included as part of the Newlands Round. However it can be best appreciated by tackling it from the west end and treating the mountain is a single entity. Here the glories of the views out west are matched by the relative peace of the area. The summit itself is also a pleasant place to linger. In addition it may be worth wandering the few metres to the south for the best views.


This is a walk for early morning or late evening when the high start and stunning views are at their best. There is really no reason however to sleep in the car first!

Navigation Tips on Robinson from Newlands

Using a compass is an excellent method of mountain spotting. On a summit like Robinson there are plenty of Wainwrights to ‘spot’. Simply take the bearing of the summit and lay it on the map. It will become obvious which it is.

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  • mountain mike says:

    Hi everyone well todays target is Robinson starting from Honister Slate Mine via Dale Head.A nice couple of Wainrights to start our two day trip to The Lakes,we leave the mine at 2.30pm its dry and looks a good afternoon,After an hour of stiff uphill walking and some good photographs taken we are at the summit of Dale Head nice Cairn.Quick break and we are off to Robinson bypassing Hindscarth,as we strart the uphill climb to Robinson a shower approaches from the west,this soon passes over and we are at the summit two Wainwrights nice one,as we turn back the sun shines on us again.Long walk back to Honister total time taken four and a half hours nice afternoon and more to come tomorrow.

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