Where is this walk?

Crosthwaite near Kendal

July 9, 2017

A quiet countryside walk at Crosthwaite near Kendal across rolling countryside. In spring there is a profusion of wild flowers and good views on the return.

The Walk

The walk from Crosthwaite is very similar in character to the nearby walk at Underbarrow. It starts along some country lanes. I must admit it is quite extraordinary how quiet this area is considering the proximity to Windermere. Yes there may be the odd local driver out but very few. After walking up Broom Lane the nature of the terrain changes on joining a footpath.

From here the walk takes in some very pleasant countryside, in particular the section over the higher lands near Lord’s Lot. Here little rocky outcrops, short grass paths, drystone walls and isolated farms create a picture postcard few square miles. It is just a shame the area is not a little larger. However it is in access land so you can leave the path and explore the area, looking for the best views and quietest spots. The walk then descends from ‘the Lot’ and continues along a quiet path before re-entering Crosthwaite. The entire walk is in direct contrast to the traditional image of the Lake District thereby making for a very pleasant alternative. I actually completed the walk on a summer’s evening and it was delightful.


Navigation Tips near Crosthwaite

There are two possible returns on the walk. The path over the higher access land of Lord’s Lot is excellent and my favourite. The second return takes in some attractive farms and has plenty of character. It is slightly longer.

The two routes separate just before a wall, 100 metres before the farm of Low Fold. Turn left and climb the stile over a wall a few metres further. Do not be distracted by a farm track bending north to your right.

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