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Lands near Underbarrow

May 1, 2018

In the quiet lands near Underbarrow there is a pleasant walk through rolling countryside and farming land. Isolated farms add character to the walk as does the Punch Bowl at its conclusion.

The Walk

Midway between Bowness and Kendal there is a chunk of rolling fells that are divorced from the rugged lands of the Lake District. With the lovely village of Underbarrow its focus, this walk heads in to a mix of woodland, river, fields rich in sheep and cows and an impressive limestone scar. An ever changing landscape with the distant fells of Coniston and Kentmere a more constant backdrop.

I particularly enjoyed walking on Cunswick Scar and picking my way past Cunswick Hall and Transthaite Hall. Unfortunately they are not as impressive as their name sound. They are no more than attractive farms. One of the pleasures is not meeting anyone on the walk, on area as close to Kendal this is surprising. However I did meet a local, a chatty farmer bemoaning his recently completed 36 hour day (lambing time!).


It is worth the extra time to go up Cunswick Scar and explore the hamlet of Underbarrow. In particular look for All Saints Chuch. Although it was built in 1869 it is believed that there has been a place of worship here for at least 1,000 years before. If you go in look for the old oil lamps hanging from the roof. The lands near Underbarrow is walk to savour rather than hurry.

If you enjoy this walk the one from nearby Crossthwaite is very similar.

Navigation Tips at Underbarrow

I have tried to follow quiet lanes on this walk. In quiet areas it can be difficult to follow the footpaths across fields as they often do not show on the ground. Where using a footpath is necessary head for the stiles which clearly show the way from field to field.

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