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Walk through Dalby Forest

September 9, 2018

It is worthwhile taking a walk through Dalby Forest near Scarborough. The forest tracks are well set up and there is a pleasant riverside section on the approach to Thornton-le-Dale.

The Walk

Sometimes a forest walk can become a mite tedious which is why they are generally loved more by cyclists than by walkers. The endless line of coniferous trees seduces the unwary walker in to a trance that may last for hours. The lack of views and things to see makes forestry walking best on a wet or windy day when the world outside can be shut out and the conifers can become a friend.

Therefore this walk from the pretty village of Thornton-le- Dale heads not in to the main portion of forestry but along Thornton Dale itself and thereby perfectly picking out a mix of river, village and woodland as well as offering a taste of coniferous forest. The farmland is attractive (there is even a popular campsite), the paper mill less so whilst the pretty hamlet of Low Dalby is worth the visit on its own.


Do carry on to Scandale Lodge, a nice little dell to pause and reflect.

Navigation Tips in Dalby Forest

The walk through Dalby Forest is well signposted. The right of way follows the easterly track named Sand Dale. It is just as easy to follow any of the parallel ones further east.

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