Where is this walk?

Walk Exploring Lothersdale

February 7, 2018

Lothersdale is a hidden valley tucked in between Airedale and the Lancashire mill towns. The walk exploring Lothersdale is a mix of fields, moorland and a trig point with good views of the area.

The Walk

I spent ten years working in Earby but never made it over to walk in Lothersdale. Very remiss of me! I had driven through a few times and found the village attractive but I had never left the car to explore further. However the area for walking looked interesting both on viewing and also from my O/S map. In addition Lothersdale is on the route of the Pennine Way. It was time to discover more.

I headed out in early 2018 to explore the area of moorland between Lothersdale and Earby. In particular I was after the trig point on Elslack Moor. The weather was superb and the walking good as I climbed steeply north up the Pennine Way. Before long I had passed through the sheep fields and entered the moors. The trig point arrived soon after. I always enjoy moorland walking and the views towards the Yorkshire Dales and out west from near the beacon were excellent. From the beacon I headed north for a while to explore the moors overlooking Earby. However I ended up returning to the beacon and a pleasant walk return via some farmland above Lothersdale.


Spend some time exploring the village. Take in a drink in the Hare and Hounds to understand better this very pleasant and largely ignored part of the world.

Navigation Tips on the Lothersdale walk

In any areas of farming land following a footpath can be tricky. It is often not obvious on the ground and is a problem with farm tracks often adding to the confusion. To follow the path look for the stiles in the dry stone walls, these are always on the line of footpaths.

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