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The Fairfield Horseshoe

June 19, 2021

The Fairfield Horseshoe is a superb walk from Rydal taking in a number of Wainwright fells. The walking is generally good underfoot so the long distances pass quickly. Of course the views are excellent.

The Walk

As I was striding up and down the long arms of Fairfield I felt the entire Lake District was mapped out in front of me. If there are any of the major Lake District major summits which I did not catch a glimpse of on my recent round of the Fairfield Horseshoe I would be surprised. It was fantastic to be able to walk for reasonable periods of time and be able to look at the scenery. There was never any fear of stumbling on a rock or walking off the mountain!

The walk does change in character on approaching the summit of Fairfield. The Helvellyn range is displayed with good views across Striding Edge. However it is the bare, stony summit which is more unusual. It does make navigation more difficult and compasses are needed in bad weather.


Follow the east ridge down all the way. Do not be tempted to come off early to cut the corner to Rydal.

Navigation Tips on the Fairfield Horseshoe

The main navigational challenges arrive at the head of the Fairfield horseshoe, near Fairfield itself. It is easy to get the wrong path and end off route. In bad weather use a compass to pick the path east initially from Fairfield then south east to Hart Crag.

Hart Crag to Dove Crag is ok as there is no alternatives However from Dove Crag make sure you keep south with the wall on your right. Where it meets a second wall keep south.

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  • Michael Fielding MBE says:

    We are walking the Fairfield horseshoe pass, on April the 28th , for a charity challenge for the Owen Mcveigh foundation. 40 women from the flourish and succeed boxing Fittness group from Knowsley in Liverpool,

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