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The Kentmere Round

September 13, 2018

The Kentmere Round is a long distance horseshoe that includes seven Wainwright fells. Despite its length the underfoot terrain walking is easier on the grassy slopes than the rockier circuits found further west.

The Walk

The Kentmere Round is not to be underestimated. It is twelve miles long with roughly 3,500 foot of climbing. This makes it one of the biggest of the classic Lakeland circuits, not one to be left as an afterthought. The highlights of the walk are many. I found the walking easy on an excellent but not over eroded track whilst the changing views down a multitude of different valleys are excellent. Windermere down Troutbeck, Longsleddale, Haweswater and Kentmere are all clear at different points on the walk. However my favourite view was looking north over Hayeswater and the topography around Caudale Moor.

From the depths of Kentmere to the heights at the head of the valley I always get the feeling of walking in to the heart of the Lakes. On the return you feel an exit from the main Lake District and a return to the outlying area. It is a feeling to be enjoyed and reflects the length of the walk. The rocky col at Nan Bield is also a special place. Recently I paused for a while in the shelter and looked down over Small Water in to the head of Haweswater. The light was just leaving the valley and there was very little wind, the silence deafening. It was an effort to move on.


I prefer aiming for Garburn Pass to start the walk. This leg of the circuit is most interesting whilst the easy descent from Kentmere Pike is good for those who are exhausted.

Navigation Tips on the Kentmere Round

The head of Kentmere can be a confusing place in bad weather. If you do not want to tick off High Street a path circles the head just above the steep ground. Follow the main path to grid reference 436102. Then take the less obvious path on your right. The path goes east and then south east and joins the route just before dropping sharply to Nan Bield Pass.

  • Michele and Sadie says:

    Really enjoyable walk well worth doing. Walk started off in fine weather but it had closed in by lunchtime which meant that we didn’t get the benefit of what would obviously have been some amazing views. It also meant that we took the alternative route down through the valley. However, this was also well worth doing and very pretty. Would thoroughly recommend this walk.

  • jonty says:

    I prefer doing this one anti clockwise, simply because early sun slanting into Ill Bell and Yoke is a grand sight.

  • Hi
    I did this walk a few weeks ago. We were lucky enough to see a brocken spectre. Amazing! For eating would recommend Wilf’s at Stavely.

    Great factual website. Will visit again. Thank you.


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