Where is this walk?

Farleton Fell and Hutton Roof

September 24, 2017

This is a surprise. The two fells of Farleton Fell and Hutton Roof lie just off the M6 and offer some fine walking through the limestone. It is an area of Special Scientific Significance.

The Walk

There are two types of people who climb Farleton Fell and Hutton Roof Crags. Sometimes it is those who are ticking summits and spend their time battling the thick gorse on its lower slopes. They are taking a direct and unsatisfactory route. Then there are those who are there to appreciate the almost unique limestone scenery which is found on the wide limestone ridges of both mountains.

I admit to being in the first groupĀ on my initial visit. I subsequently suffered in the gorse on the unnecessary direct ascent. However my next two visits were for pleasure. As a result I gained a full appreciation of both the extensive views and the joys of walking amongst the limestone. This corner of the country has some special walking with an isolated limestone belt cropping up here and at Whitbarrow to the west before emerging in its full glory at Ingleton and Settle. Take in both hills in a walk to extend the pleasures of this type of walking.


Both Farleton Fell and Hutton Roof Crags can be clearly seen near junction 36 of the M6. Next time you are tracvelling up the M6 plan in a break in your journey. Have a walk amongst the limestone and make use of the excellent cafe just after the exit.

Navigation Tips on Hutton Roof Crags

The exposed limestone makes following a set route difficult. The suggested walk does not follow any public right of way and the paths are not particularly helpful. However it is always clear where you are and where you are going. To be sure just follow a rough bearing of just west of North when crossing between the two fells.

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