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Saltburn to Skinningrove

November 11, 2019

The section of coast from Saltburn to Skinningrove reflects both the best and the hard work required of coastal walking. In particular enjoy the detour over Warsett Hill with its impressive views.

The Walk

For those walking the Cleveland Way, Saltburn by the Sea is a highly satisfactory staging post. The moors and farmland are at an end and the long, lovely coastline of North Yorkshire is ahead. The initial coastal walking to Skinningrove is highly enjoyable for a number of reasons; the views out to sea, the proximity of the old railway with its traditional rail buildings (now disused) and the chance to climb a hill (although this is not as rare as you may think on the coasts of Britain.

Saltburn and Skinningrove offer an interesting contrast – the bustling Victorian sea side resort with grand old (if a little tired in places) buildings of Saltburn contrast with Skinningove, a traditional fishing port where the workers and fishermen look to have always held sway. A tough life by the sea has been recognized with some pleasant carvings and boats of a bygone age.


This stretch of coast made me feel slightly nervous, it is the one section of coast where it is easy to feel uneasy. The erosion seems very active, the paths are close and unfenced and I did wonder how long the old rail tracks would last on one short section. Probably gone now!

Navigation Tips south of Saltburn

It is possible and perfectly acceptable to climb Warsett Hill. At 699213 a footpath heads away from the cliffs. It crosses the old railway and heads uphill to the summit. When I last went I needed to skirt to the right to get to the summit but I have heard the path now heads directly up. If anyone can help at a comment at the foot of the page.

  • Tracy Rennison says:

    An alternative route, when the sea is out. You can actually walk right along the beach from skinningrove to Saltburn and it’s gorgeous.. But don’t dawdle……… (And do check the tide times…)

  • Alex McPherson says:

    I walked in this area in 1974 one evening while on a commissioning job in Redcar.
    Its gorgeous – but there is a question that I’ve been curious about since then.

    There was a double railway track, where at one point the tracks did not line up – only one of the tracks was continuous – the second tracks just end on either side.
    It was as if the track was built from both sides and when they met in the middle – they were offset – only one track lined up.
    So it ended up as a single track railway. I could not believe it ! I took a photograph which I still have – not the greatest but the double tracks are visible.

    You can see it on Google earth 54°34’53.55″N 0°55’17.51″W Its more clear if you select 2005 imagery.

    I would love to hear the story behind this. Does anyone know how this happened ?

    I’m also curious about the disused steel plant I saw at Skinningrove – what company was there and what did they make ?

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