Where is this walk?

Grassington to Skipton walk

October 30, 2018

Take the bus from Skipton and then return over the moors on a one way walk from Grassington to Skipton. On either side of the bleak moors are the villages of Linton, Thorpe and Embsay.

The Walk

Embsay Moor can be particularly bleak in bad weather. However on a decent day the moor offers some lovely walking, full of interest and long enough to give the feeling of a satisfying day out. Linton and Thorpe villages start the walk and offer a typical Dales scene. Both are very attractive but soon you need to climb steeply on to the moors. I m always tempted to head for the highest place, in this case the Marilyn of Thorpe Hill. Even if you miss the summit the moors are rough but the path is good (less so from Thorpe Fell).

The main path sticks to the western rim of the moors escarpment, soon passing Cracoe Monument and Rylstone Cross. From the cross head in to the moors themselves before dropping down to the delectable Embsay Reservoir. There is some road walking to finish the walk.


I always suggest taking the bus (or train) at the start of a one way walk. It is certainly possible to reverse this and finish with a bus back from Grassington but it would not be my choice. This walk of course does depend if you are staying at Skipton or Grassington, if you stay at Grassington clearly getting the bus to Skipton and walking back is preferable!


The 72 bus leaves Skipton for Grassington every hour at present and takes 1/2 an hour.

Navigation Tips on the Grassington to Skipton walk

Keep following the wall after the obelisk. When the wall bends downhill the path becomes a major track and soon bends east (right). Follow this for a further half mile before heading downhill on an obvious path.

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