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Hampsfell from Grange-over-Sands

July 7, 2021

A number low lying hills lie to the south of the Lake District. The exposed limestone on them makes them a real pleasure to walk on. Hampsfell from Grange-over-Sands is one such example.

The Walk

Any fell with exposed limestone and sea views is worth climbing. The added attraction of climbing Hampsfell is the intriguing ‘building’ at its highest point. On investigation it is known as the Hampsfell Hospice, built by the vicar of Cartmel to provide shelter for, I presume, lost souls. The message above the door is Greek from Homer. It means Rosy fingered dawn, something I could not translate and no idea what it refers to. Of more interest is the excellent view finder (upstairs). The views in all directions are very good.

The walk itself is straightforward. Hwever the climb of Hampsfell from Grange-over-Sands is steep on its lower slopes but easier higher up. The best limestone is to the north of the summit and on a good day it is worth spending time exploring this area. However the descent I chose was further west . Partly this was due to spending time on the views towards the sea but also the lovely woodland at Eden Mount.


Hampsfell is a mini version of Whitbarrow , a limestone fell further east. If you enjoyed the summit of Hampsfell then Whitbarrow is just a bigger version. Go and climb it!

Navigation Tips on Hampsfell

There are a number of walls criss crossing the summit of Hampsfell. Make sure you approach these on one of the many paths as you can then guarantee there will be a stile or gate in the wall. Do not climb them.

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  • Stella Compton Dickinson says:

    The Vicar who had hampsfell hospice, Travelers rest built, was Thomas Remington of Aynesome manor – are you circa 1846 . He is remembered in Cartmel priory , and in the books of John Compton Dickinson about the Priory Church of Cartmel. Thomas. Used to walk up to the hospice every morning before breakfast, and that is why he was familiar with the “rosy fingers of the dawn. It is a heavenly place.

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