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The Martindale Round

July 18, 2019

The Martindale Round is a Lakeland walk over excellent fells which is rarely done. Starting near Howtown the route covers Angletarn Crags and the lesser spotted Beda Fell, Rest Dodd and the Nab.

The Walk

I completed a walk on Beda Fell in Martindale a few weeks ago and felt vaguely unsatisfied. Not so much due to the quality of Beda Fell itself, which is lovely, but the feeling I that there was more to do. Further on Angletarn Crags is one of the most enticing spots in the Lake District, the small rocky twin summits providing fabulous views both near and far. Further on the route passes over the bulk of Rest Dodd before descending steeply to the north. The graceful peak of the Nab is the final fell but only after a short battle with some peat hags.

Heading for the Nab caused Wainwright a moral dilemma in the past. Before the right to roam act in 2000 the landowner was not keen on any walkers on his land. There was no right of way so he was entitled to stop visitors. It is not the case any more. Cross the wall on its right edge and continue through some peat hags before a short climb arrives at the summit. The descent is more challenging. Heading directly north from the summit leads to some very steep land, possibly dangerous in the wet. It is therefore best to return a couple of hundred metres and head west to join a path heading to Dale Head farm.


The Nab is the home for a herd of Red Deer. I have spotted them on each of my visits and they make for a pleasant sight. They are said to be the purest herd in the country.

Navigation Tips on the Martindale Round

After Angle Tarn the main track climbs to a boundary wall. Cross the wall and soon after take the fainter path veering off to the left. This heads up the steep slopes of Rest Dodd. It is easy to miss.

  • Paddy Adamson says:

    A great walk, we started at the old church in Martindale, there’s a place to park and a good path to the ridge just after the farm at Christy Bridge. We added Brock Crags, which is reached via a walked path from Angle Tarn Pikes. So five Wainwrights if you are counting. The descent from The Nab is very steep and loose in places, so you may want to follow the advice above. 14.5 km, 1300m of climb, 4-5 hours depending on your stops.

  • Steve Griggs says:

    Hi. Did this walk on 2/7/14 and really enjoyed it. Finding a route onto the first ridge proved difficult at first but eventually found one at the junction of the first path and the road (432183). The ridge walk was spectacular. You really feel completely surrounded by the mountains and there were very few other walkers around. Angle Tarn is really beautiful and the Angletarn Pikes are great for a bit of scrambling if you have time. We avoided the top of Rest Dodd (as we had spent too long playing on Angletarn Pikes) and cut across the base of it (saw loads of red deer here). The Nab is now open access so no need for the guilt trip any more. The bogs between Rest Dodd and The Nab were bone dry for us but I would imagine they are tough to find a route through in the wetter months. The descent off the front of The Nab was pretty hairy too as it is very very steep and again, would be very difficult if the grass is too wet. The best and most fun way to get down is to put your backside on the grass and slide down (watching out for rocks on the way!)

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