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Moors of Crosby Ravensworth

September 27, 2017

The area near Crosby Ravensworth is very quiet and unspoilt. For a peaceful, stress free walk head south and enjoy the open moors. It is part of the Coast to Coast.

The Walk

It is always interesting returning to an area that you have tasted a few years before. Well I returned to the same moors over Crosby Ravensworth which I had been sweating over on the Coast to Coast a few years back. As a result I was keen to return. The weather was better this time (although still not great). My Coast to Coast day being a nightmare of route finding in damp misty October weather. ¬†This time I enjoyed the high moorland walking. The challenge of finding Robin Hood’s grave on the moor proved as elusive as it was before. I do not believe that the pile of stones is in reality our cult hero’s resting place. The return is alongside Crosby Beck, again very quiet and very pleasant.

The views were better than my Coast to Coast walk. However anything far afield was shrouded in haze and murk. However I have been assured that they are excellent in good weather, as is the limestone scenery which makes walking so easy. What what I particularly enjoyed on this walk was the easy walking across the remote moors.


If you have time have a walk down to the pretty village of Maulds Meaburn. To do this look at this second shorter walk along the river Lyvennet.

Navigation Tips at Crosby Ravensworth

On occasions there is a choice of two paths with no obvious one to take. In fact which you take does not matter. This is the case when heading up the moors, two bridlepaths run nearly parallel to each other. Do not et hung up at each junction.

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