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Sale Fell Bassenthwaite

December 1, 2017

To the west of Bassenthwaite just off the road from Keswick to Cockermouth is Sale Fell. A pleasant short climb brings you to the open summit and views over the rarely visited Wythop valley.

The Walk

1,170 ft. I only recently discovered Sale Fell but when I did I found it a worthwhile sort climb. My first visit was with my young daughters in high summer. A few years later I ventured on to the snowy slopes with an even younger Mist, my new border collie. Each time I followed the clear and obvious circuit starting and finishing at the Pheasant Inn. Sale Fell is easy graded, interesting and pleasant with good views of Bassenthwaite and Skiddaw. The girls most enjoyed the ease of gaining tan easy summit whilst Mist enjoyed roaming the vast open spaces. I enjoyed the differing views and the discovery of the elusive Wythop Valley.

Wythop valley is a geological phenomena where Skiddaw appears to be at the head of the valley with the rivers running from its slopes all the way to Cockermouth. However it is a mirage due to the unusual nature of the valley. Convex slopes are more significant than concave and it ignores the great gash of Bassenthwaite Lake.

The walking on Sale Fell is good throughout, an easy first fell or a pleasant afternoon stroll when the clouds are down and the higher mountains have little appeal.


Keep your eyes peeled for the roe deer in the Wythop Woods.

Navigation Tips Sale Fell Bassenthwaite

From the wall on the west side of the fell a clear footpath not marked on the map leads to the summit and down the Bassenthwaite side.

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