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Sedbergh and the River Rawthey walk

March 8, 2017

A short walk around Sedbergh and the River Rawthey. Set against the backdrop of the Howgill fells Sedbergh is a grand old town which the walk explores fully. Part of the walk follows the river and part the town.

The Walk

Sedbergh is an interesting town set under the looming presence of the Howgills. The town has grown up with the mountains bordering it on one side and the River Rawthey on another. It has two claims to fame. First it is England’s Book Town, secondly it is dominated by the large public school. Being a Book Town means there are a number of excellent second hand book shops whilst the school has a number of large imposing buildings dotted around the town. In addition the wide open town spaces are filled with playing fields, a legacy of the past but hopefully a model for the future. Activity for the young is so important.

In addition the the town has some excellent walking. This walk takes both the higher road under Winder mountain and an enjoyable section of walking along the River Rawthey. It therefore forms a semi circle to the west of Sedbergh. However it never strays far from the town, it is full of variety and there is never a dull moment.


There are a number of special events throughout the year in Sedbergh when the town comes alive. Many of these involve the Book shops, talks and mini festivals but also talks on local history, cottage industries and of course walking.

Navigation Tips at Sedbergh

The walk of Sedbergh and the River Rawthey does take you around the school. I was keen to stick to the river. However there is a public right of way just to the east of Winder House which takes you past the playing fields. A touch of old England.

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