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Tarn Hows

September 13, 2018

Tarn Hows is a picturesque tarn set amongst an area of attractive woodland situated between Coniston and Ambleside. It is an easy walk to complete and offers a good taste of Lakeland.

The Walk

First of all this is a beautiful spot. Having said that if you have not a member of your party under the age of 5, over the age of 70 or with one leg it can be difficult to justify a visit! The walk is just so easy. Although the parking is expensive the National Trust do an excellent job in maintaining the paths and providing information on the local area. A National Trust warden is always on site (to sell you membership) as they know that this is a flagship venue for them.

Beatrix Potter was the land owner who sold the Tarn to the National Trust. She certainly knew a picturesque site. It is a perfect slice of country, rightly described as ‘a beauty spot’ by many. There are wonderful views of the Langdale Pikes, set amidst woodland and containing a nice variety of bird life and small mammals. It is in fact an amalgamation of three separate tarns. They were imaginatively known as known as High Tarn, Low Tarn and Middle Tarn. They were joined in the 19th century by the damning of the exit stream and the beauty spot was created.


Take the high road to the east of the Tarn for the perfect photo (in the morning).

Navigation Tips on Tarn Hows

It is impossible to go wrong at Tarn Hows. My only tip is to use the southern path first before returning on the north.

  • C J Harrison says:

    We go often and enjoy wandering round.
    Maybe for a ‘hard-core’ walker its too easy but for a 32 year old, former pro rugby player, it’s a lovely place to go

  • Michele & Sadie says:

    We are not under 5 nor are we over 70 yet and we have both our legs. However having completed a really tough walk a couple of days earlier this walk was just what was required to gently exercise our two aching legs. It’s true that it is not a challenging walk but it is absolutely beautiful and well worth an hour of your time.

  • Margaret Johnson says:

    We have visited this area many times but today, a beautiful October day, we climbed the stile at the head of the Tarn & crossed the fell to the green road that took us to the bottom of Hawkshead Hill, up the steep road we went to a way marked path which took us back to the Tarn. What an adventure, my husband is 76 yrs of age & I am 71. (The dog slept all the way home!)

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