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Latterbarrow from Hawkshead

April 9, 2017

The summit of Latterbarrow is an excellent place to view the Coniston fells and much of the south western Lakes. Climbing Latterbarrow from Hawkshead is in itself very straightforward on a very good path.

The Walk

803′. For many years I never realised that there was an excellent short walk. Climbing Latterbarrow from Hawkshead was not on my radar. In fact the whole area around Esthwaite Water was rarely visited.Combine the climb with some forestry walking and I was happy to discover this ‘new’ area. Latterbarrow itself may only be 800 foot high but it does stand proud and isolated from any other high ground. This makes for an interesting viewpoint in all directions. There is a striking cairn on its summit.

Rather than return directly to Hawkshead from the summit I headed into the forest behind and Beatrix Potter Country It is a confusing area of forestry for the first time visitor, particularly if you wish to find the highest point at Claiffe Heights. Returning from the forest there are some great views of Esthwaite Water and across to the Coniston Fells before the track landed me back at pretty Colthouse. It is a short walk back to Hawkshead. Latterbarrow is another of Wainwright’s outlying fells which geographically¬†should be included in his main guide books. Despite its rather meagre height.


Spend time on the summit of Latterbarrow and start counting the number of summits that you can see, if not recognise. The Fairfield Horseshoe is well viewed from here to the east. So too are the Coniston fells to the west.

Navigation Tips on Latterbarrow

Climbing Latterbarrow from Hawkshead is very straightforward. However head east in to the woods and it is a real test of navigation skills. It is very easy to get confused on the forest tracks.

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